Events and activities:

Because we believe that education through entertainment is one of the most important means that make information an easy guest in the minds of students, and based on the fact that Spark Minds sanctifies learning through fun, we offer an amazing and renewed group of activities throughout the school year, to provide our children with an unforgettable study experience.

Get to know the events

Identity days

To enhance our values and culture in the minds of children, Spark Minds is always keen to celebrate events that enhance our Islamic and national identity, such as National Day, Foundation Day, Arabic Language Day, and others.

Interactive activities

More fun for everyone!

In Spark Minds, we offer many interactive and kinetic activities that help children discover their abilities and skills and have fun at the same time, which also enhance important qualities in their personalities such as friendship and competition. Examples of these activities are: Water Day – Barbecue Day – Yellow Day – Mismatch Day and others

Educational activities

Because education is our first goal, Spark Minds offers a variety of educational activities such as Grandma’s Day and Aunt’s Day – Career Day – Movie Day – Pet Day and other diverse educational activities

school trips

Because their imagination has no limits, sometimes the walls of the school may not be enough for them!

That is why we, in Spark Minds, are keen to provide students with a different experience through their integration into the outside world and with their friends! So that they can have many moments of fun and benefit