Approved Curriculum: Regal

One of the most well-known curricula, this curriculum is based on identifying students’ needs and presenting them to them in a simple and smooth way, with an impressive range of mental and motor activities that help make information easily accessible to students.

What else do we offer?  

Brilliant Minds School was not satisfied with providing a distinguished curriculum only! Rather, it supported this curriculum with a number of other curricula that enhance the information and culture of the child in various aspects

Music classes:

As an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the school was provided with a permit to provide music classes in the school, to enhance children’s auditory perception and stimulate their musical talent.

French classes:

The school is interested in the multilingualism of the child. The school does not only teach Arabic and English, but also begins to teach children the French language from the third kindergarten level and before the primary stage classes.