Owner's journey in the world of education

I’m Mrs. Hanan Khonkar, the owner of Spark Minds School .I always like to start by saying “I have a dream” as Martin Luther King said.

I always had a passion and had a dream. A dream to make our community better, a dream to make our country the best. A dream to provide distinguished education to every member in my country, as education is as essential as the air we breathe and the water we drink. The dream started small then it got bigger and bigger.

The first step in fulfilling my dream started in 2007 when I have taken the corporate agency for the Chinese Abacus and Mental Math for children from the age of 4 to 12. Taking students from Jeddah to Hong Kong, added a lot to my knowledge and experience in this field. Only then, I realized that if we give perfect and excellent education to our children in an early age, they will be the smartest and brightest leaders of the future.

In 2009 the step to achieve my dream was big, I thought of starting my school.

With my staff, we strived to make it the home of every child. A home full of love, emotions and care. It is a very big responsibility to be in charge of a whole generation. A generation of boys and girls who are the young minds of today and the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Then comes 2016, to develop my previous achievement, I started my small day care project. Like me, I wanted every mother to get the chance to start her career and build her future, I wanted to help in achieving the 2030 vision in making the Saudi woman an effective working element .I wanted to help her in raising her children and helping her in bringing them up. I wanted her to be certain that she can leave her child in safe hands, hands that she could trust and rely on. I have given all my love and power to this small dream, I wanted to see the little toddlers growing and finding their first steps in this world under my shelter.

As an owner, I am putting a lot of effort into promoting the education of children.

In my school, I don’t only offer education, I encourage my staff to help build children’s self-esteem and confidence. Not only that, we motivate children to excel academically and help build their social skills.

It makes me pleased and proud when I remember the huge step that I’ve taken to make my dreams come true. I started my primary school from Grade 1 to Grade 3.

With the COVID of 2019, I confronted many obstacles and challenges, which made me stronger and more determined to succeed and resume my toil.

It has never been easy, but I always enjoy every year with its triumphs and struggles.

I always try to improve and develop my institute and that’s by expanding the school’s building and facilities, also by applying the most up dated curriculum and by employing highly professional staff. I don’t only invest in buildings, I also invest in minds. I always provide my staff with the best training and workshops.

As an owner, I always like to explore every new in the field of education, I attend seminars, workshops and take professional development courses. I travelled to Finland, Manchester, visited schools there to monitor and study various educational methods and practice. I reviewed the Reggio Emilia approach as an educational Philosophy and pedagogy focusing on preschool and primary education .I never stop learning I am always a student in the world of education.

Spark Minds School focuses on extracurricular activities for every student.

This help in refining and building the students’ character and personality.

Last but not least, my dream is endless, I always believe that education is about far more than what happens within the four walls of the classroom, I consider myself very fortunate to have great teachers and instructors who help me achieve my goal.

My goal in having a highly educated, sophisticated and confident leaders of the future.