News From Year 1

The Kindergarten Program is centered on thematic units of study that adhere to international standards provided by American Teacher Created Materials – USA for Kindergarten. The curriculum is uniquely structured to tie each thematic unit of study with every core academic subject, with a hands-on approach to maximize learning. Spark Minds curriculum is centered on a process-based approach, which provides challenging and meaningful activities to develop critical thinking skills and self-reflection. The Academic core subjects covered in the Spark Minds curriculum include:

  • English Language Arts
    • Early Literacy and phonemic awareness
    • Creative Expression
  • Early numeracy
    • Little Khwarizmi program for mental math
  • Social studies
    • Citizenship and Identity
    • Environment and Community awareness
    • Personal and Social responsibility
  • Science
    • Scientific concepts
    • Self-exploration
    • Interpretations and hypothesis
  • Physical Education
    • Physical skills and Well-being
    • Health and Safety
  • Qur'an and Islamic Studies