Spark Minds Kindergarten School offers a unique international curriculum that encompasses international standards and learning objectives. The curriculum is centered on an active learning philosophy based on the 5 C’s for academic success which are: Community, Connection, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. Our curriculum is structured into thematic units of study that tie into all academic core subjects:

Spark Minds curriculum is well balanced between workbooks and active learning and incorporating learning activities into the curriculum that are fun and engaging for young children. Such learning activities include:

• Art Experiences such as painting, drawing and using art materials allow children to express their feeling and ideas and promotes creative expression.

• Cooking experiences provide a fun and engaging way to learn about measurements, quantities and interaction of various substances.

• Field Trips provide a fun reinforcement for learning by exploring different environments and facilities. Field trips are specifically chosen to adhere to the units of study in the curriculum.

• Sensory experiences such as water play, sand play and play dough provide relaxing and stimulating experiences that promote creative thinking processes as well as develop small and large motor skills.

• Dramatic play using props, puppets, household materials promotes imaginary play, language development and socialization skills

• Building and Construction materials reinforce math concepts such as space, size, and measurements and allow children to make connections in a creative and fun way.

• Group Games are incorporated into every core subject to reinforce learning and critical thinking skills. Oral language games are essential for language development.

• Special Events, fun days and Concerts promote a sense of teamwork and working towards a common goal.